Our Values

We are committing to these standards:

Individuals: HFCC targets chronically homeless, vulnerable individuals as they out number chronically homeless families by 36 to 1. (CSH data 2016: 900 individuals compared to 25 families)

Housing: Evidenced-based Housing First principles are endorsed to promote roof, safety, and dignity first.

Permanent Supportive Housing:  Abundant, wrap-around, formal and informal supports are provided to ensure that one’s house becomes a home such that each resident feels valued, demonstrates self-efficacy, and is enabled to maintain a long-term lease.

Community: All residents, volunteers, and staff through collaboration, feel a sense of belonging within a welcoming, life-giving, beautiful campus.

Methodology:  Mutual support is provided by using a Serving-Healing (equilateral) rather than a Fixing-Curing (top-down) methodology (Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; see chart below)

Solidarity and Accompaniment:  Opportunities are available to both those newly “re-homed” and those who have never been homeless (PALs = Please Alleviate Loneliness…be a pal) to live in solidarity and to accompany each other on their mutual, collaborative journey towards the celebration of a purposeful life together.

Diversity: A diverse community where all residents, individuals without housing, volunteers (peers, hospitality, and PALs), property management staff, partnering case managers/counselors, and health care providers (medical, psychiatric, dental) are dedicated to creating and maintaining a compassionate, generative community for the benefit of all.  

HF Communitas